Informed. Affordable. Empowered.

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   What you need to know about the divorce process.

Informed. Affordable. Empowered.

  • Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Disheartened? Indifferent?
  • Wondering what it means to separate? Thinking about divorce?
  • Not sure where to begin with the confusing and intimidating legal process?
  • Join us for only $45 and find the "Peace of Mind" you've been searching for!


Divorce Options provides an invaluable service for everyone facing the complexities of separation and divorce. The workshop is designed to help you take the next step, at any stage of the process, of “Untying the Knot.” Attending does not mean you will get a divorce, but you will begin to find clarity. This workshop:

  • Focuses on the legal, financial, and personal issues of divorce in a logical, yet compassionate way. With the guidance of experienced professionals, workshop participants gain a greater understanding of the confusing legal process.

  • Reduces anxiety and frustration that can be associated with finding the right professional(s) to help serve you in this overwhelming time of need.

  • Is an excellent supplement to professional advice. Participants learn what to expect and how to prepare for meetings with their attorney - who often charge upwards of $300 per hour for advice.

  • Assists in discovering community resources available to provide balance and encouragement, gain strength, and form supportive connections with others who understand what you’re experiencing – you are not alone.

  • Creates a safe, nonjudgmental and compassionate environment for you to explore your options. You’ll receive unbiased, reliable information so you can make informed decisions, feel empowered going forward and confident in the choices you make during this transitional period.
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